Extract. Leverage.


Become An Empowered Expert With Scalable Assets & Recurring Revenue

  • EXTRACT,  your expertise so that you can deliver a unique high-quality product and set yourself apart

  • LEVERAGE, proven assets that are profitable from day one and start attracting your ideal client NOW 

  • SCALE, when you're ready with software systems & automation


The Path To Set Yourself Apart ...

Stop comparing yourself to the competition and become

THE  EXPERT your clients need to work with!

You know that you are called to serve clients at a higher level, you’ve pulled yourself up from your bootstraps, and are confident in your qualifications. Your work changes lives. It’s TRANSFORMATIVE.


And yet ... you aren't being paid what you know you deserve. 


You know it’s possible! You’ve seen other coaches, consultants, and experts doing it. Pulling in 5-figure, maybe even 6-figure, contracts and locking in high-powered clients who are invested for the long-term.


But you’re not quite sure how to expand and attract the right audience ... before you go broke.


You’ve got the website. You’re starting to spin up your social media. Even reaching out for speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, perhaps even launching your own channel. 


And it’s starting to feel like you have a lot of balls in the air. 


What if you get overwhelmed or burn out before you really nail down your ideal niche? 


Do you go back to selling your services the way you were before? Trading time for money ... feeling like you're both the employee and the boss, and not the entrepreneur, expert and CEO you're meant to be?


You need to set yourself apart from the crowd. As THE EXPERT to work with.


Part of that journey will be growing your tribe, and sharing the real stories of transformation that have served as the foundation of your success. But beyond great marketing, you need to have the confidence that what you sell is the best quality content out there, and almost no one is out there teaching that.


What is … Extract. Leverage. Scale. ?

“Every expert has a system -  but not every expert

knows how to package it successfully”

Once you go through this process you can rinse and repeat. You’ll know how to create assets, release products, and increase prices with confidence. And you can decide to coast on recurring revenue … or follow your inspiration to innovate and experiment  … or take the frickin’ vacation you deserve!


But it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed in this moment. 


After all there’s so much you COULD be doing. It’s hard to know what you should be focusing on in the moment. As an expert of your own process you don’t have time to learn everything else you’ve been told you need to launch your program. You just want to focus on your “zone of genius”


Only you know SO much it’s almost difficult to know where to start. That’s where having an external perspective can help you take the next step. Extracting your unique system is MY expertise.


Who am I?  Hey there, I’m Kachina Gosselin.


I went from studying aerospace engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to becoming an entrepreneur running a successful multi six-figure consulting practice out of my dream home in Dallas, Texas. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that my love of systems thinking and working with complexity has given me the gift to help you streamline and scale that which you do best without stress. 


I believe in authenticity, integrity, and alignment as the foundation to success. And I help high-achievers build businesses that give them freedom and peace of mind - without burnout. 


I notice as high-performance achievers we have a tendency to minimize our accomplishments by “playing small”, share secrets out of sequence, and compare ourselves to our competition. 


It’s so easy to get lost in selling what you think your client’s want … not what they NEED. 


And that’s because we spend so much time tweaking our messaging and our product that we forget what makes us perfect for our clients is unique to us. On the surface we sell an outcome, a result, but what we are really selling is ourselves.


Our mindset. Our insights. Our personality.


Now, if only we can do that without becoming over-extended?


That’s why we don’t do this process alone. We need to go back to the clients that you have been serving these last few months, years even, whose lives you’ve transformed … and have them tell you what to sell.


Except this time we don’t get stuck in the trap of serving them one by one.


And this is where the concept of leverage comes in. 


Every successful business has assets. Most have a website but the best businesses also have:












The list can be endless and overwhelming. And I’ll help cut through the chaos and give you clarity!


What we test and prove with the clients that have supported you in your journey thus far, we will bundle into scalable assets that you can continue to deliver month after month with minimal investment of time, money and energy. Every lesson learned along the way can be captured in a platform designed to serve you and your clients for years to come.


With the right software and automations, this will lead to recurring revenue giving you the time and energy to devote to your more affluent audience and offer. 


Once you extract, leverage, and scale your expertise the sky's the limit. 


You can choose to build a large loyal tribe around affordable products, or reach for your dream high-powered clientele for quality high-touch services. Or, why not do both? Whatever your heart desires!


We’ll do this together so you don’t get lost, overwhelmed, or confused along the way ...


Trust me, this is what makes me shine. After years of studying complex systems, I’m here to take the complexity out of yours and see you succeed by doing what makes YOU come alive!


So ... are you ready to level up your coaching practice?


If so, let’s get started!



Exclusive Creative Consultation

Services starting at ...


Together we will create unique professional digital assets so that you can scale your

business without burning out!


Elevate Your Coaching Practice

It is not enough to want to be an expert, 

you must have unique quality products

What does it look like for us to work together?


We start with developing a custom roadmap and strategy based on your specific industry and business model. Together we ensure that you have the right mix of products and services to keep you out of the feast-famine cycle experienced by so many expert coaches and consultants.


We start with extracting your expertise, week by week, co-creating content in the form of worksheets, ebooks, video and written lessons that you will be able to leverage as assets in variety of scalable online products and services. 


If you desire to launch a high-touch high-ticket elite coaching experience, these assets will be of critical importance.


This creative process is asynchronous, yet guided, meaning I will support you through the process in creating the exact content that you will deliver. Keep in mind you will be asked to do your own customer discovery, market research, and sales to validate the products and services created. 


After a 90-min one-on-one private consultation, we will meet for an hour once a week to discuss our progress, to adjust the roadmap as necessary, and we continue our work together until your business goals are accomplished.


Reach out to start your elevating your coaching practice!

​"Every expert coach has a system -  but not every expert

knows how to package it successfully”


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