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Everything you need to create a Signature Course to grow your business!

Don't give up trying to create your course before you generate profit! 


Overcome The Expert's Dilemma to cut through the overwhelm and create the professional course that will set you up for recurring revenue and freedom



The Simplest Way to Create, Market & Launch a Signature Course Without Overwhelm

You know that you are called to serve clients at a higher level, you’ve pulled yourself up from your bootstraps, and are confident in your qualifications. Your work changes lives. It’s TRANSFORMATIVE.


And yet ... you aren't being paid what you know you deserve. 


You know it’s possible! You’ve seen other coaches, consultants, and experts doing it. Pulling in 5-figure, maybe even 6-figure, contracts and locking in high-powered clients who are invested for the long-term. But you’re not quite sure how to expand and attract the right audience ... before you go broke.


You’ve got the website. You’re starting to spin up your social media. Even reaching out for speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, perhaps even launching your own channel. 


And it’s starting to feel like you have a lot of balls in the air. 


What if you get overwhelmed or burn out before you really nail down your ideal niche? Do you go back to selling your services the way you were before? Trading time for money ... feeling like you're both the employee and the boss, and not the entrepreneur, expert and CEO you're meant to be?


You need to set yourself apart from the crowd. As THE EXPERT to work with.


Part of that journey will be growing your tribe, and sharing the real stories of transformation that have served as the foundation of your success. But beyond great marketing, you need to have the confidence that what you sell is the best quality content out there, and almost no one is out there teaching that.


That's why I created, 


What's Included?

You'll get all the training you need to take your course from concept to completion!

  • Lifetime Access

    You will get lifetime access to content so you can leverage it for multiple product launches


  • Ongoing Support

    There will be bi-weekly QnA livestreams for you to ask for about higher level strategies as well as continued support


  • Exclusive Community

    Connect to your fellow expert coaches & entrepreneurs who are on the same path to financial security and personal freedom


Here's a breakdown of the deliverables:

Everything you need to create unique quality courses



Lifetime access to the course will ensure that you have the most up-to-date materials, and can reference them again and again as you diversify your portfolio.


This portal will cover everything you need to walk through the 6-step proven process in 6 weeks, so you can launch your course with the support of our team.






Exclusive Community Calls


You'll get access to our Facebook community, Extract. Leverage. Scale for our private clients for 3 months.

We host community calls on the topics of Market & Messaging, Premium Course Content and Authority Building 3x each week so that you can make the most of your time in the course.


Included is an exclusive bi-weekly QnA call to answer questions and support you in your implementation.


In addition you will get preferred scheduling and discount pricing when booking coaching sessions with your coach, Kachina Gosselin.


Lifetime Access To The Course Lesson Portal 


Video lessons, alongside written summaries, and all downloadable resources can be accessed via a membership portal.




The Course Creator Planner


A 70+ page printable workbook that breaks down each stage of the six phase process into a complete set of exercises to help you develop your course content. 


The course creator planner is designed to help you design your own 6-module Signature Course but can be adapted to help you develop a course of any complexity.







+ You'll Get Exclusive Access

To Bonus Materials

Make your course standout with some stellar designed deliverables

Create excellent guidebooks to complement your lessons 

Create excellent workbooks clients can use for exercises

Create excellent webinars 

to promote your course 

So, Let's Summarize The Benefits...

We offer expert guidance and community in addition to quality content

Community Access

Valued at $100 per month

  • Support from your fellow coaches & entrepreneurs

  • Community calls 3x week

  • Bi-Weekly QnA Live Calls


Complete Course

One-Time Fee

  • 70+ page Course Creator Ultimate Planner

  • Lifetime access to the course portal

  • Time-released content with live training support


Kartra Course

BONUS Mini-Course

  • Learn to set up Kartra to sell your complete course

  • Get access to technical support to help execute


Why Wait Until Next Year 

to Launch Your Signature Course?

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Examples of what we've built ...

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Can you imagine what it will feel like when

you've launched your Signature Course?

​"Every expert coach has a system -  but not every expert knows how to package it successfully”


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